Christopher Mychael Watson joins Resident Evil franchise as new Marvin Branagh

Chris joins the highly anticipated remake of the 1998 CapCom classic, Resident Evil 2 as Marvin Branagh! He provides the Face/Motion Capture and Voice Performance for Marvin.


Archangel E3 Official Trailer


ScmhoesKnow Archangel Hellfire Multiplyaer Update

A Gamer making Games

As an avid gamer my entire life, I've had the opportunity of a lifetime to not only be in, but lead a video game! Archangel was released June 28 2017 for PSVR and Oculus. It's a mech based first person shooter that's recently had a multiplayer update, Hellfire. Check out some of the reviews and gameplay footage below!


ACG Archangel Reveiw